Club Inferno: Hugh Hunter, Axel Abysse, Joey D & Sam Syron - World Series of Fisting

The scoring for the competition is close and it’s wide open as to who could win. As a bonus round, the judges decide to submit the contestants to getting footed to see who has what it takes to come out on top. Hugh Hunter and Joey D prepare their feet for the bonus round before Sam Syron and Axel Abysse enter to start the competition. Sam takes on Joey and Axel pairs with Hugh as they grease up and hop on the feet. The toes enter the gaping holes and the guys begin bouncing. Axel wants to show off his presentation and lets his rosebud make an appearance before he continues with a foot up his ass. Sam pulls ahead with technique and gets the foot punching down to impress the judges. It’s a close game with lots of grinding and grunting and feet going further into each of their assholes. Axel and Sam take on different techniques to get the deepest penetration with a variety of bouncing and writhing to get the job done. Each of the guys gets ankle deep and keeps going to prove that they’re the winner. When the judges have seen all they need to see, they reward the guys with a round of jacking off where both Sam and Axel get the release they need from a hard day of extreme fisting competition. When the jizz hits the floor, the winner is chosen, and this year’s World Series of Fisting champion walks away with the golden trophy.

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Club Inferno: Colin Black & Erik Rhodes - Wet Punk Faggot Fisting

Erik Rhodes sizes Colin Black up and his macho confidence is enough to make his targeted prey submit his ass for an onslaught. Erik rims Colin’s asshole then teases it with strokes and pokes. After lubing his hands up, he jams a finger, then more fingers, then his entire fist inside. Erik’s huge hand goes farther in as he reaches for Colin’s colon, and then he slams a big black dildo inside. Colin’sasshole is stretched wide but tightens up when Erik starts fucking him. The roles quickly reverse, and Erik’s beautiful man-ass is put on the line. Bent over and down on all fours, Erik takes a two-handed fisting that makes him grimace and grin. Colin delivers punch after punch, twisting and churning his arm inside to deliver total pleasure. All that intense friction relaxes Erik’s sphincter so much that it inverts to reveal its full blossom. Colin finishes up by fucking Erik’s ravaged hole fast and furious until he finally blows his load.

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Club Inferno: Billy Berlin & Jesse Santana - Ranch Hands

Sex outdoors, in the back of a pickup truck has never been more exciting! Jesse Santana clad only in his sleeveless flannel shirt, boots and black latex gloves, works Billy Berlin’s perfectly pale round ass with his hands. Billy’s propped up on the tailgate on all fours and gladly takes Jesse’s fingers, then his hand and finally his entire fist. Jesse’s got a new favorite pastime — fisting hot ass. It’s got him fully hard, and his dick is twitching with each turn and stroke of his arm into Billy’s accepting hole. Watch as Jesse then flips Billy over — legs in the air – and puts his arm up to the elbow in Billy’s perfect asshole. Then be amazed as Jesse fists Billy and sucks his cock simultaneously. And if that wasn’t enough you’ll be floored when Jesse fists Billy and fucks him at the same time, until Billy jerks out a load with Jesse’s arm inside him and Jesse sprays a load as well.

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Club Inferno: Axel Abysse, Joey D & Colin Bryant - World Series of Fisting

Round two of final training has come for Axel Abysse and Colin Bryant on the night before the World Series of Fisting. Joey D is their trainer and he knows time is of the essence so gets to the point without wasting any time. Colin is the first to get his hole trained and he lies back with his legs in the air for Joey to stretch with his large, closed fist. Axel isn’t left out of this round of training either as Colin eats his ass and takes Joey up to the forearm. Once Joey is convinced that Colin will do well in the competition, he calls for the guys to switch it up. Axel is excited to once again get the coach’s fist up his butt and he eagerly gets on his back and spreads his legs wide. His excitement shows through as he gives a big smile and lets his rosebud bulge. The coach takes time to rub the bulging protrusion, making it even more exciting for Axel to get the fist. The coach doesn’t hold back this round. He knows that the competition tomorrow will be fierce and he wants to make sure Axel and Colin are ready for anything that could come their way. Joey starts by sliding one open fist into Axel and works his way up to a two-handed frenzy. He alternates fists in and out as Axel closes his eyes and takes in all the sensations his lucky body is handing out. When Joey knows for certain that his men are worthy of the competition, he lets the guys lie back and reward themselves with a milking session that leaves the guys covered in their own thick layer of cream.

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Club Inferno: Billy Berlin & Erik Rhodes - Ranch Hands

Cowboys work with their hands all day long. Working with horses and cattle from sun up to sundown brings out basic animal instincts in these Cowboys. So, it’s no surprise to find these guys pawing at each other every chance they get! And, they just don’t paw, they put their Ranch Hands deep inside each other, taking entire forearms to the elbow and seeing how much punishment a hole can take. This movie was personally directed by Fisting Hall of Famer Chris Ward. Honestly, this is as good as it gets.

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Club Inferno: Trent Bloom & Erik Rhodes - Fistpack 32: Stuff That Ass

Erik Rhodes is a beast — an animal down on his haunches, down on his knees just oozing sexuality. His muscled frame, those thunderous thighs, and that ass so round and tempting even he can’t leave it alone. This beast can get piggy too, and Trent Bloom sneaks in, anxious to get a piece of the action and quickly gets to work. He buries his snout between Erik’s huge mounds and starts to root around. Then, he coats his hands with lube and pokes a fingertip, then another, and then another one inside Erik’s hot hole. The beast takes it well and Trent pushes further, easily getting four fingers inside, all the way up to the knuckles, and then shoves in his entire clenched mitt. Trent punch fucks Erik’s hole repeatedly, his fist jabbing in and out pummeling Erik’s cave. Every blow relaxes and numbs the sphincter that it soon turns inside out, exposing Erik’s huge rosebud. The big man coos and moans, jacking himself off excitedly until his cum seeps out of his piss-slit — a yummy reward for Trent to suck up.

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Club Inferno: Hugh Hunter & Sam Syron - World Series of Fisting

Fisting coach Hugh Hunter means business and this time he’s going to really get rookie Sam Syron opened up and ready to compete. He slides his fist deep into Sam’s sloppy hole. ‘Come on, you can take it!’ Hugh yells out as Sam moans and begs for Hugh to go deeper inside. Hugh wants to see how big Sam can make his rosebud and pulls out to let the fisting student do his thing. Not wanting to let his coach down, he squeezes his asshole inside out to show off his bright red ass lining. Sam wants to impress Hugh any way he can and reaches around to do the third hand maneuver by shoving his own hand up his ass. ‘Show me that you’re a champion!’ Hugh yells out to his protege. Sam repositions himself to get Hugh as deep inside as he can possibly go and then rolls around to show Hugh that he’s ready to be a winner. Sam wants to cum for his coach and jacks his long, uncut cock as his balls dangle down his taint. He lets out a wail and shoots a thick, creamy load all over his milky white body. ‘I think you’re ready,’ Coach says reassuringly before the two go off to rest up for the competition.

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Club Inferno: Boyhous & Caedon Chase - Fistpack 32: Stuff That Ass

The game’s on for Boyhous and Caedon Chase, both of them professional sex pigs eager to rock the other to his foundation. Boyhous is first: his legs spread open, and his manhole waiting with anticipation. Caedon charges right in, his flying fist covered in lube, making his lean hairy partner emit low guttural moans of approval. More fist-pumping, more prodding, more digging really gets Boyhous going! The tender tissue of Boyhous’s asshole quickly exposes, protruding and flushing out its crimson interior. It looks like it hurts, but the pain is a pleasure and the two play even harder. The adrenaline’s still pumping when Caedon gets down and yields his ass and Boyhous is just as determined to pillage that hole and handily doles out some ass pounding. Caedon grimaces with every blow and his cries provoke Boyhous to get even rougher. Chilled and thrilled, Caedon finally busts his nut. Boyhous follows suit, spooging all over their leather nest and then licking it clean.

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Club Inferno: Nate Grimes & Ashley Ryder - Full Fist Interrogation

Ashley Ryder just finished his interrogation of Nate Grimes and even though he wasn’t able to pull any information out of Nate’s ass, he was able to go wrist deep in Nate’s gaping hole. Now it’s time for Ashley to get his rocks off with Nate returning the favor of planting his fist deep inside Ashley’s asshole. Before Nate completely destroys Ashley’s hole, he wants a taste so he bends the stud over and sticks his face as far in as it will go. Nate gets his interrogator all loosed up with his tongue as he slips on his gloves and gets them lubed up. Nate alternates fists in and out of the giant loose asshole and goes elbow deep inside the gaping jock. Always needing more, Ashley reaches around to feed his ass with his own fist. He squeezes it inside along with Nate’s arm as he moans out, begging for Nate to go deeper. Ashley can never get enough up his ass and he rides Nate’s entire forearm until he blasts a big creamy load of jizz all over his own stomach. It mixes with all the grease and lube that clings to his skin and coats the table. Just as Nate pulls his arm out of Ashley’s wrecked hole, a fellow guard storms in and arrests Ashley for fraternizing with the enemy. Ashley gets slapped in cuffs and hauled off, naked and sticky, and barely able to walk.

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Club Inferno: Race Cooper & Ashley Ryder - Fistpack 31: Fist My Gaping Hole

Jockstrapped, face down and booted legs held aloft by stirrups, Ashley Rider’s ready for some fine fist served up from Race Cooper who approaches and gives his willing fistee a couple hard smacks on his pale butt. Ashley’s ass rises and falls with each breath he takes in anticipation of this smooth, chocolate skinned hand meat. And, Race gets right to it…easing a finger, and then two, three, four and the whole fist while Ashley holds his mesh jock with excitement. Ashley raises up on his hands pushing his insatiable ass on Race’s arm well past the wrist, and Race slowly inches deeper while Ashley grunts and groans. Race holds steady deep inside Ashley until he pulls out his pucker and massages it gently in approval. Ashley puts his legs in the stirrups facing up this time, and let’s Race delivery his arm for the taking as Ashley grabs onto a hanging ring and glides on and off the hot black flexing arm. Ashley is aroused and starts to stroke his meat as Race corkscrews deeper and deeper, pulling out a fully-bloomed, deep red bouquet, which blossoms and then falls back into Ashley’s gaping hole. Aroused by his hot hand toy, Race bones and quickly pulls out his hot thick rod. Race pushes deeper and bows down to suck on Ashley’s meat pushing him closer and closer to orgasm. After Ashley shoots globs of cum, Race jerks and spurts in appreciation.

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