Club Inferno: Sebastian Keys & D Arclyte - Fistin Alley

Sebastian Keys is eyeing D Arclyte as he rubs his rigid cock. It’s not long before Sebastian has his dick in his hand jacking as he stares down the hot daddy. D follows suit and soon has his hard dick out in the open and showing off for the throbbing hunk across the alley. Sebastian needs to get his cock wet and walks over to D to slip it deep down his hungry throat. After tasting the hung stud, D bends over to offer up his big ass and Sebastian happily accepts the offer. He plunges deep into D, making the daddy grunt with every thrust from his swollen cock. When D is nice and opened up, Sebastian decides to find out just how far D’s ass will stretch. He gets down behind his new fuck buddy and slips his hand deep into his loose hole. Sebastian gets wrist deep inside as he twists and turns his arm. The young stud still hasn’t had enough dick and sucks the daddy off as he continues to slide his arm deeper into D. It’s exactly what D needs, and soon his dick erupts with a river of cum that Sebastian gobbles up and spits back onto the daddy’s writhing body.

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Club Inferno: Race Cooper & Boyhous - Save My Hole

Alone at the gym, Cooper gets his huge fist up in Boyhous.

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Club Inferno: Sebastian Keys, Dylan Strokes & Ashley Ryder - Fistin Alley

Sebastian Keys and Ashley Ryder have had their assholes sufficiently stretched with fists and are now ready for Dylan Strokes’ massive cock. The studs are bent over a bench and a barrel in the alley so that Dylan can have his way with both of them. Dylan samples Sebastian first and drills deep into his fuzzy ass. Dylan doesn’t want Ashley to feel left out and soon moves over to plow the second stud in front of him. Ashley is so cock hungry that he needs both of his holes stuffed at the same time. He beckons Sebastian over to his face and takes his cock down his throat as Dylan continues to pound a steady rhythm from behind. Sebastian isn’t quite done with this threesome and has Dylan take his place on the bench. With two assholes on display in front of him, Sebastian puts on his gloves, lubes up his hands and throws a fist into each of the studs. He handball’s them hard, even getting Ashley’s rosebud to show. Ashley can no longer hold off when Sebastian gets elbow deep inside of him and blasts his load all over himself. The sight of Sebastian’s entire arm popping out of Ashley’s asshole is all it takes for Dylan to sidle up and blast his leaking dick inside Ashley’s panting mouth.

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Club Inferno: Big Mike & Champ - Save My Hole

Get ready for a stud being fisted at the gym by muscled man.

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Club Inferno: Leo Forte & Race Cooper - Save My Hole

Leo’s enormous fist goes into Cooper’s hole, in the kitchen.

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Club Inferno: Pierce Paris & Mike Tanner - Fistin Alley

Pierce Paris is in the middle of fisting Mike Tanner in a dark alley. He’s already wrist deep inside the hungry daddy’s asshole when he starts twisting his hand and plunging as deep as he possibly can. Mike begs for more as Pierce talks dirty and stretches Mike’s hole to its absolute limits. Pierce switches hands to give the stranger in the alley a little more variety and just as he’s getting wrist deep again, Mike flips over onto his back with the fist still inside. All the hole stretching gets Pierce hard and ready to blow. ‘Are you ready for that load?’ Pierce asks as he pulls his fist out and starts jacking his swollen rod. ‘Give it to me,’ Mike begs as Pierce walks over to his face. Mike opens his mouth wide and Pierce unleashes his load onto Mike’s tongue, making sure to feed the hungry pig every last drop.

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Club Inferno: Leo Forte & Doc Benway - Wet Punk Faggot Fisting

It’s closing time and Doc Benway clears the bar throwing everyone out but Leo Forte. The horny bartender wants to lay his mitts on the frisky Latino, and the feeling’s mutual. Doc climbs aboard the bar and bends over. Leo rims the puckered manhole, juicing it up sloppily and even getting some sucks in on Doc’s cock. The submissive barkeep gets down on his back excited, tense and eager for some serious gut-busting as he watches his master putting on black latex gloves. After greasing up, Leo jabs one fist and then the other inside the slicked-up crack. Each thrust is driven deeper and farther than the previous, and every direct punch makes Doc howl with pained pleasure. Leo finally fucks Doc, spiking the sensitive hole with his thick dick as fiercely as he did with the intense fisting. He then creams his partner’s back with his spooge before greedily licking it up. Doc finishes himself off by hand, beating his meat furiously until he shoots a load of cum.

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Club Inferno: Boyhous & Doc Benway - Wet Punk Faggot Fisting

Doc Benway and Boyhous are two of a kind with their toned, tattooed bodies and nasty pig attitude. After sucking face, Doc sucks Boyhous’ cock, gripping his balls tightly to hold him in place. Then he rims his buddy’s hairy asshole, wetting it with slobber before he begins punishing it with both fists. With every direct jab, Boyhous moans a low guttural grunt as he sinks into a sexual stupor. They switch things up and Doc is now on his knees. His asshole is tattooed with a big fiery heart and Boyhous pierces it with repeated jabs using his left fist and then his right. Doc jerks on his cock while he’s still getting punch fucked and finally roars his climax when he shoots his wad. Satisfied and spent, Doc drapes himself all over Boyhous and watches him pull his pud furiously, yanking and stroking it hard until he finally busts his nut.

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Club Inferno: Hugh Hunter, Axel Abysse, Joey D & Sam Syron - World Series of Fisting

The scoring for the competition is close and it’s wide open as to who could win. As a bonus round, the judges decide to submit the contestants to getting footed to see who has what it takes to come out on top. Hugh Hunter and Joey D prepare their feet for the bonus round before Sam Syron and Axel Abysse enter to start the competition. Sam takes on Joey and Axel pairs with Hugh as they grease up and hop on the feet. The toes enter the gaping holes and the guys begin bouncing. Axel wants to show off his presentation and lets his rosebud make an appearance before he continues with a foot up his ass. Sam pulls ahead with technique and gets the foot punching down to impress the judges. It’s a close game with lots of grinding and grunting and feet going further into each of their assholes. Axel and Sam take on different techniques to get the deepest penetration with a variety of bouncing and writhing to get the job done. Each of the guys gets ankle deep and keeps going to prove that they’re the winner. When the judges have seen all they need to see, they reward the guys with a round of jacking off where both Sam and Axel get the release they need from a hard day of extreme fisting competition. When the jizz hits the floor, the winner is chosen, and this year’s World Series of Fisting champion walks away with the golden trophy.

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Club Inferno: Colin Black & Erik Rhodes - Wet Punk Faggot Fisting

Erik Rhodes sizes Colin Black up and his macho confidence is enough to make his targeted prey submit his ass for an onslaught. Erik rims Colin’s asshole then teases it with strokes and pokes. After lubing his hands up, he jams a finger, then more fingers, then his entire fist inside. Erik’s huge hand goes farther in as he reaches for Colin’s colon, and then he slams a big black dildo inside. Colin’sasshole is stretched wide but tightens up when Erik starts fucking him. The roles quickly reverse, and Erik’s beautiful man-ass is put on the line. Bent over and down on all fours, Erik takes a two-handed fisting that makes him grimace and grin. Colin delivers punch after punch, twisting and churning his arm inside to deliver total pleasure. All that intense friction relaxes Erik’s sphincter so much that it inverts to reveal its full blossom. Colin finishes up by fucking Erik’s ravaged hole fast and furious until he finally blows his load.

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